Artisan Natural Craft Wines

To have our dream come true for producing Artisan Natural Craft Wine in London, buying the wine making equipment and grapes from Italy.

All pledges will be used to produce Quality Artisanal Natural Craft Wine, buying the wine making equipment and import the grapes from Italy. The stretched target will allow us to produce more wine and secure a warehouse.



fromĀ Montepulciano grapes


Wines produced from Montepulciano grapes, all depend of the growing season, and can vary from light to medium bodied. In some cases full bodied red wine with a minimum alcohol content of 11.5% by volume can be achieved. On the nose, Montepulciano grapes produce wines with a variety of ripe red fruits to jam packed fruits flavours, light spices with a long clean finish. With regard to taste, usually the tannins are soft and acidity is well balanced.


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